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The Splash Structures Website has marketed, sold and installed fabric structures since 2003.  

Splash Structures and all associated websites come under the ownership of  Splash Marketing Technology Pty Ltd (Pauline Douglas) supported by a number of partners and factories in China and Australia.

We have expanded our 2018 site presence in Australia to include Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne in readiness for 2018 activities.

Quality and Safety for a Reasonable Price is our mission.

Splash markets a variety of portable structures and this year (2018) we will focus on (portable and fixed) EPS Panel Structures and sea container structures. Have you seen the Splash Transformers? They are an insulated container like structure that is installed in 5 minutes ... that's faster than a tent.

All EPS Panel materials are passed through an independent NATA or equivalent laboratory to ensure there are no dangerous materials contained within our panels, particularly a derivative of toxic fibers Asbestos, which is still legal in many countries but not Australia. 

Although desirable it is still not practical yet to manufacture light structures in Australia, but we are partnering with a Brisbane Container Conversion outfit known for producing high quality structures for many years.  We love working with the Chinese who are generous, fast and inventive.

There is also a wonderful opportunity for the Globe to trade back to China - that still has a growth rate of 6% as this country wakes up.  15% of the country is now affluent, which equates to around 5 times the population of Australia ... they want luxury from international sources.  They are the new Gucci, Ferrari and Organic set.

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