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Folding Steel Containers

No!  Not Sea Containers

Steel Folding Containers are another brilliant idea for quick to assemble relocatable storage space when you need it fast or temporarily

They may not win any homes and gardens design awards, but they are very strong work horses ...  and as long as they are locked to the ground to the correct ballast recommendations, they are suitable for earthquake and hurricane/cyclone regions too.  Note the optional bracing inside.

Key Benefits:

  • Go up in under one (1) hour
  • Dismantle in the same time
  • Can be shifted using Fork Lift
  • Suitable for Indoor or Outdoor use
  • Hurricane/Cyclone and Earthquake Safe.
  • 100% Steel Lock Up Strength
  • Best fire hazard protection
  • Can be placed upon wheels and tracks
  • Can freight 5 kits per Shipping Container
  • Great alternative to Sea Containers

Light Alternative to Sea Containers

For inside or outside.

5 Minute Install Folding Steel Containers

Secure Storage for Industries on the Move. Indoor or Outdoor Use

Military, Mining, Road Construction, Aviation & General Industry

Catalogue Prices and Sizes  (Guide Only)

Strengthened for Strong Wind.