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Cut and paste this list of questions and answer them for each structure type in your email ...

  1. Structure Type and Model if you know it
  2. Roof Type, Walls Type and End Walls Type ..
  3. Doors, Windows Types and Size
  4. Other Accessories you require e.g. guttering, internal items (kitchenettes, bathrooms etc)
  5. Structure Size - Width x Length x Height  (Wall height and Apex Height)
  6. Colors, materials, fabrics, cladding etc
  7. What you will use your structure for e.g. office, dwelling, aircraft hangar, animal housing, warehouse, workshop, site shelter etc.
  8. Location of site (country, town)  if remote supply the lat long
  9. How do you plan to anchor your structure to the ground? concrete bolts, stakes, piles, weights etc
  10. Is the site high on mountains, by the sea or in a snowy, cyclone, earthquake or bush fire zone?
  11. What is the terrain, ground soils and surroundings ...any hazards? Bush Fire, Flame, Welding, Chemicals, Toxic Ground etc
  12. Who will build your structure do they have necessary skills and qualifications? ...   Would you like a quote for an onsite supervisor or construction?
  13. Anything else that may be relevant please include ...

Answering these questions will help us guide you towards a safe and sound structure for your region.