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The Splash Pop Up Containers ...

The Splash Pop Up Containers  ...

Well we have something pretty amazing here, and they are finally ready for dispatching around the world.  We had a false start in the beginning, because as great an idea as they were, they were just not strong enough to do what was needed, particularly in Cyclone/Hurricane Regions.   You can see our latest demos and amateur movies at this link.

The Side Folder was a worry from the first day I saw it ... the key problem was the unit was fully supported by hinges,  from the ground up, that twisted as the frame rose and dropped.  Manufactured from painted black steel, including the hinges, the units aged quickly into rusty heaps ending up lop-sided ...because the hinges had twisted..

OMG!  Watching one of the physical demonstrations my worst fear about crane and human error was tragically realized  - when the factory gantry took off with the guys and their bamboo stick still intact inside the unit...   The men were fine, but clearly this was not acceptable by Western standards.  That was the first thing that had to be improved ... 

The Simple Solution were some heavy duty bolt locks to hold the structure safe so the crane could be released, but the men could continue working safely inside the structure... that's the cheapest way to achieve safety.. We also now have  internal frame locks (Jimmies idea) as a slightly more expensive option. 

The internal frame locks are just an internal beam that drops into place between the folding sections ... these are recommended if you plan to move the structure on a VERY regular basis, as the external locks run the risk of being knocked off in transit. The wire pull works fine, but we will also soon replace this with internal springs.

For this model we want and will soon get, snap and lock devices to replace the bothersome bolts, which you can be sure will roll off to the nearest drain or blokes pocket ... Time and fiddle is money.

We are persevering with the design and improvements of this structure because we know just how damned convenient they will be to certain industries who can benefit from being able to install and stack a little "tank" in just a few minutes ... nothing to bolt, nothing to lose!

We have introduced the Micro, Mini, Mini HQ, the Midi HQ and the Maxi HQ. basically these are the same structure in 2.6 Meters, 5.8 Meters, 9 Meters and 11 meters long ... the HQ variety means the wider girth ... to 2.6 Meters.

Everything is now galvanized steel, the structure no longer relies on the (37-52 x 300 kg) hinges to support the frame.