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Flat Pack Containers


Splash Flat Pack Containers

Do It Yourself Insulated Sheds, Cabins, Villas and Offices   

Splash Flat Pack Containers are the best thing since sliced bread for the Do It Yourself Crowd.    A basic 6 Meter (20 foot) Container (all white steel with 1 PA door and 1 window) starts at AU$8,600 plus freight form your nearest port.

Flat Pack Containers have been around a while and are the most versatile of their kind. Designed upon the elementary strengths of the sea container, they offer an impressive range of customisation add-ons and arrive as a kit that is ready for assembly and immediate use.   

The key benefits of flat pack containers include:

  • They are already insulated and wired for power
  • They can be dismantled and moved, or shifted by crane, forklift and flat bed truck.
  • They can be joined and stacked into small or larger complexes
  • They have a host of add-ons to posh up your container shelters help you make the shed, cabin, office or complex you require.
  • You can paint them, clad them or we can. You can apply vinyl cladding to the flat white panels, we can offer you a different steel cladding in most popular ribbed and corrugated colour.
  • We guarantee our container shelters have no dangerous or toxic materials.
  • Most customers and installers will find our Flat Packs more cost and time effective than converting regular containers.

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Only inches smaller than regular Shipping Containers,  Flat Pack Containers are designed to be Instant Sheds, Shelters, Cabins, Villas or Offices.   You can posh up with your own do it yourself paint scheme or vinyl cladding, or upgrade factory steel cladding to a ribbed (shipping container) or corrugated (Australiana).

Flat Pack Containers Uses

  • Sheds (insulated)
  • Cabins and Shacks
  • Portable Houses
  • Studios
  • Site Offices
  • Granny Flats
  • Training Rooms


  • Hostels
  • Camping Grounds
  • Workers Quarters
  • Shops and Kiosks
  • Sentry Points
  • Market Stalls
  • Boat Sheds


Flat Pack Add-ons 

  • Windows small, medium and large
  • Sliding glass doors
  • Internal Partitions 
  • PA Doors
  • Kitchenettes
  • Bathroom Shower
  • Toilet/s
  • Roller Doors
  • Gable Roofs
  • Shaded Walkways
  • Patios
  • Stairs  
  • Choice of Colors
  • Steel Cladding ... e.g. flat, ribbed or corrugated (Australiana). 

Customisation  (Min 10 Units)



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