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Container Conversions

Container Shelters

We have now introduced some container structures for Conversion Enthusiasts and Professionals.

Splash Container Shacks .. Ready To Go

You don't have to do anything with these ... it's already done.

They are very affordable Converted Containers, all fabrication and interior decoration has been handled in China. As you can see in the image, they have a little bit of style added and are designed to lock up like a small fortress for transport.  A very secure unit, they are ideal for wild localities such Earthquake, Hurricane and Cyclone Regions.

We can send anywhere there is a shipping Port. How much to Australia?  

20 footer is under US$11K and  40 footer is under US$17KLaid out like a motel room basic unit includes Ensuite and Kitchenette.  (That price is to most Australian Ports) ... there will be road/train freight on top of that,

Optional Air-conditioner, Furniture, Refrigerator, window coverings also available.   

Splash Container Cores .. Do It Yourself

Container Core with windows and doors cut outContainer Cores are a brilliant Australian (Queensland) idea by my associate Joe who has been converting containers for decades.

Container Cores are fundamentally a new container (NEVER USED!!) that has had the most expensive and difficult modifications handled in the Asia factory, and are ready for the professional or DIY enthusiast container converters to add their personal touch.

We have both 40 foot and 20 foot Container Cores in Standard and High Cube sizes, with the option of our Design Packages or your own Custom Design.

Container Cores are only a few thousand dollars more than a new container that you would buy off the docks in Australia, that has been used once.

Container Core with Windows and Doors Supplied  


Well I said I never would, but I guess there is a new container lady in the world ... so all I need now is parrot ...

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