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Gosford Containers and Portable Buildings

Gosford Fabric Structures and Container CoversHi Central Coast,

We are sending a personal message to the residents and structure installers about some new style products you will likely be very interested to know about.

First we are launching our new pop up containers, which are unique in the sense that they arrive as a flat pack unit, but will pop up (on hinges), in just a few minutes.

They are going to save a lot of money and time for those who are in the storage and logistics industry, they are also useful for construction sites, industry storage and can be comfortable cabins and dongas ...  starting from under AU$4,000!   Galvanized steel throughout, and carefully engineered to suite our country.

Gosford Container Shelters

Gosford Fabric Structures

Gosford Container Covers and Canopies

Gosford Tunnel Sheds

Gosford Pop Up Containers Cabins Offices  Gosford Container Covers Canopies and Shelters


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