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Equipment Shelters

Splash has marketed fabric equipment shelters and fabric warehouses since 2003.

Relocatable fabric shelters are quick to install and just like a big sail, feel good to work and play beneath. The lack of conductivity of fabric is what makes Summer less hot and Winter less cold er than a traditional steel roof.

Splash Shelters can be an open shade roof or fully enclosed portable buildings. Splash Fabric structures are used for open air work shops, paint bays, factories, warehouses and storage of small vehicles to vast rural and mining machinery.

Splash fabric shelters have been used in oil and gas, to shield chemicals, paints and construction equipment from the weather..

Keep an eye out for our insulated steel pop up container equipment shelters.

Relocatable Equipment Shelters Relocatable Mining Equipment Shelters Equipment Shelters

Fabric Equipment Shelters  Fabric Equipment Shelters Container


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