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Pop Up Container Shelters

Splash offers a range of Steel Folding and Expanding Container Shelters that literally Pop Up from a flat pack in less than 10 MINUTES -  which is why we call them Pop Up Container Shelters, there is a storage version coming that is literally a Pop Up Container.

These handy units are an essential idea for industries on the move, or those needing a quick solution for quick to assemble fixed or relocatable storage space when you need it fast or temporarily. 

We have been working on this concept for 12 months and expect to see our hard work come to fruition in 2020.

These structures (Made In China) are available to order from our Chinese Partners directly.

Pop Up Container Shelters   Pop Up Container Shelters

  Pop Up Container Shelters    Splash Pop Up Expanding Container Shelters

Some of our structures may not win any design awards, but are very strong work horses, come cheaper than a sea container to buy and freight,   and as long as you FOLLOW OUR INSTRUCTIONS to ballast and conduct the necessary upgrades, they are suited to High Wind localities too.

Note:  We cancelled a delivery to Vanuatu of the standard version of structures as they are really not suited to Dangerous Cyclone Regions, but we have revised the design to include stronger versions



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