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Aircraft Hangars

Aircraft Hangars by Splash.

We offer a few types of fixed and relocatable Aircraft Hangars. 

We began with soft tops, fabric portable hangars made from Steel frames and PVC Canopies that were manufactured by Australian Companies, then we moved into our own range manufactured in China. 

We now have (can be relocatable) hard tops, gigantic hangar structures ideal for aircraft hangars constructed  using pre-fabricated EPS Panel range. 

Portable Hangars    Portable Aircraft Hangars     Container Shelter Helicopter Hangars

 EPS Shelter Helicopter Hangars  Fabric Shelter Aircraft Hangars  Fabric Shelter Aircraft Hangars

Celebrating 50 Years of the first Moon Walk

Join MadamSplash on Twitter to chat to Buzz Aldrin and all the team at NASA, as they conduct their 50 year celebrations and prepare for their expeditions to the Moon, Mars, Titan and beyond.   Meet Professor Mike Brown - the man who downgraded Pluto and is now looking for another predicted planet out in our Solar System  - somewhere.  No it's not Fake News!

We are adding a series of Moon Domes and Space Igloos - Geodesic and Inflatable to join in those celebrations.

Moon Dome Space Igloos   Moon Dome Space Igloos    Space Igloos Fun For All Needs

No Spam No Hack Policy

Splash had help (from extra terrestrials possibly) to deal with 'most' of the spammers to cool down the search engines!   But! we are still experiencing some fake pages or none-existent url's being produced by link spam in the search engines, which we have identified as being produced in Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Cairns, Brisbane, Wide Bay, Coffs Harbour and Wollongong.  Also some serious stuff coming in from India and China.  You can read why and how these morons are hurting the search engines and Australian business on the Splash Marketing Technology Facebook. @splashmarketingtechnology.  You will be shocked to find out who is doing it!