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Event Shelters and Tents

Event Shelters Australia

Event Shelters AustraliaEvents and entertainment is a high stress game, dramatic deadlines and long late hours for the tedious and tiresome bumping in and out special events ... ages you fast, I know I was in it for 20 years..  This website is full of ideas that could make the job much faster and easier - without losing any of the aesthetics.

We can help you source Event Tents and Shelters, up to 100 meters wide,  including our own Steel Frame Range of Arch Shelters.  

Take a look at our insulated Pop Up Container Shelters ...  instant sheds, cabins or offices that install in 5 minutes.  Perfect for Promotional Events because the containers are created from a cold rolled steel that can be screen printed into the steel using your graphics (quantities are required) ... or you can  apply your own graphical adhesive prints... Event Shelters Australia

So think about that ...

Event Shelters Australia  Event Shelters Australia  Event Shelters Australia  Event Shelters Australia