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Railway Canopies and Covers

Railway Canopies and Covers

Railway Canopies and CoversIt's hard to find Australian companies that have survived the economic crash that hurt the Australian Construction industry in the last 5 years ... but hey, we are still here! Mind you we have had to modify our business to survive the onslaught of international take overs, from media to franchise conglomerates.

We (Splash) now deals directly with Chinese factories, ensuring products and services meet our designs which fall in line with Australian and New Zealand building codes, and where viable we still use Australian factories.

Container Domes have been a popular structure in the Australia Railways since we began supplying fabric awnings and covers in Australia 2003.

Fabric Structures have been commonly used as portable shade structures and shelter awnings for temporary or semi permanent sidings while stations are under construction or repair. With the improvement of the quality and aesthetic appearance of many of our shade structures, rail organizations can consider utilizing some of our newer products as delightful, permanent fixtures.

We now offer some really useful new ideas for logistics in general.

Pop Up Containers for Railways Pop Up Containers for Railways Pop Up Containers for Railways Splash Transformers - the 10 Minute Container Cabin for Railways

  A design suggested for Down Rail In Melbourne

  Good Quality Sea Container Conversions STC Logistics container canopy 



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