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Structures Made in China Review

Splash Structures Made In China

Pop Up Cabins Made In ChinaSplash Structures are mostly made in China, however our designs and engineering is mostly from Western countries (Australia, USA and Canada).

We are really thrilled to now be backed by some of the largest and wealthiest Chinese factories to support our structure growth, who are keen to provide the quality and assurances we depend upon in our own factories.

If you do your research on Chinese products that you might be tempted to buy from a large Hong Kong or Chinese online organization, even WhatsApp is a good place to source structures - but let us warn you vehemently - The Chinese standard of construction materials is vastly different to western standard, in fact, many of the structures will not meet our Building Codes in Australia  - and you will be stuck with a shoddy product that may not be passed by your council.  Ugh what a potential nightmare ...

Hint .. if you ever see a movie demonstration of a structure with men who do not wear helmets ... that is a hint that the factory does not have basic ISO factory standards ...

So let us handle that side and the guarantees ... We make sure that our buildings are safe to install, work, live and play in and have no toxic elements (e.g. Asbestos) in the design that may be acceptable in other countries. 

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