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Chinese Portable Structures Review

Chinese Portable Structures Australia

Chinese Portable Structures ReviewWe just love working with the Chinese, they are fast, inventive and very helpful. They also make very affordable structures. By combining Australian design with the willing manufacture of Chinese factories, we can offer a great product for a great deal.

It's quite easy now to buy portable structures direct from China from various marketing sites,  so why should consider purchasing through Splash?

Splash is a Chinese Trade Partner, which means we buy from factories direct,  that we know produce good quality, tell the truth and have Western Safety Standards throughout their factories. 

Chinese accepted quality is a much lower standard to our own, and they will send that standard (because that is all they know) if you are not experienced.

Thanks to the gung-ho nature of some of our marketing gurus, the auction houses are now filled with rubbish structures,  after inexperienced competition rushed into bulk buying vast quantities of the "so cheap" shelters, believing there to be a huge market for them, then they quickly realized it would likely take ions to move them, because they brought in flappy, floppy and un-tensioned structures that nobody wanted, particularly after the word got around. 

Good Chinese factories know what is required in Australia and will work with us to produce safe, attractive structures that meet our building codes.

There is also a MASSIVE corruption racket in the industry - right across the Pacific, which I am happy to say will be sorted this year by the powers to be.

Chinese Portable Structures Review  Chinese Portable Structures Review  

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