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Australia Structures Review

Brisbane Container Covers and Shelters

Brisbane Pop Up Container Shelters

Brisbane Container Covers and SheltersSplash has promoted portable structures and container covers to Brisbane in Queensland since 2003,  Initially for Australian manufacturers and then eventually our own design.

We now have our structures manufactured in China - but these are to Australian standards ...

It breaks my heart to drive up the coast from Brisbane to Cairns to view the poor quality container shelters that now dot the Bruce Highway ... many were brought into the country in bulk by a marketing consortium that had no understanding of these structures. 

Cheap Chinese container covers will only last a few years and are a monster to install, they are held together with string, wire, cord, rope and basically are just tents.  This is why they are now being splatted on Classified Ads and throughout Global Auction Houses.

Now we have added some more interesting structures.

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