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Australia Structures Review

Dome Arch Shelters

Dome Arch Shelters Australia

Dome Arch Shelters are a brand innovation by Splash and usually manufactured from Fabric and Steel, I say usually because we are launching a steel panel version in 2018. 

We began marketing fabric structures in 2003, promoting a container cover product that belonged to another Australian manufacturer ... by 2013 we were on our way to manufacturing ourselves, and now we do this in China, and also sell to a global market (we can thank the GFC for that!)

Arch Shelters are a combination of an engineered building and shade structure.  Their purpose is that they are fast to deploy, and an affordable solution for many types of industries.  A dome by design handles winds well, that's why Aircraft Hangars have used the dome shape since Aviation began.

Industries that have used our Dome Arch Shelters include Mining, Construction, Aviation,  Rural and Agriculture.  They are used as storage, hangars, warehouses, amenities and even shelter.

Dome Arch Shelters are also known as:

 PVC Rail Shelters design for Downer Rail Victoria 2018

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Container Shelters  PVC Rail Shelters design for Downer Rail Victoria  


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