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Fabric Sports Pavilions Sydney Melbourne BrisbaneSplash has been in the fabric structure business since ... 1998 ... we formed the company back in 2003.

We began with a container shelter (or container cover) that was manufactured in Australia, a very smart and well made product, but by 2013 due to some sudden changes in the organization, I found myself alone without a factory or an installer.  I decided to take the totally obnoxious route and have a go at rebuilding from scratch, after a couple of attempts to manufacture in Australia, which sadly failed due to the collapsing economy, I ended up working with a Chinese manufacturer, and have not looked back since!

Splash specializes in steel frame fabric structures, even though we have access to aluminum, competing in this area is highly aggressive and they are much more expensive.  We offer a mixture of  own engineered structures and factory designs.  Our most popular structures are steel tube frame domes, which we brand as Arch Shelters.  These are available as (a) free standing structures supported by legs, (b) ground shelters which sit on the ground, or (c) a Splash specialty structure -  Container Covers, a PVC canopy that is supported by containers . 

What's new for 2018?

Dome Arch  Sydney Melbourne BrisbaneWell we have it on good authority that the 10 Year Recession Is Now Over and we are going to have 28 years of growth and prosperity.  Anybody who stuck it out will come back in fiery form and be the shakers and movers of the next wave ...  so it's time to start creating again. 

Splash will be adding a new range of structures in 2018 made from the coveted tensile steel that we had in our first Australian container shelters.  Costs more, but we can do much wider Clear Span structures with these mighty, Robin Hood bow style Tensile Arches ...


Fabric Structures Australia

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Celebrating 50 Years of the first Moon Walk

Join MadamSplash on Twitter to chat to Buzz Aldrin and all the team at NASA, as they conduct their 50 year celebrations and prepare for their expeditions to the Moon, Mars, Titan and beyond.   Meet Professor Mike Brown - the man who downgraded Pluto and is now looking for another predicted planet out in our Solar System  - somewhere.  No it's not Fake News!

We are adding a series of Moon Domes and Space Igloos - Geodesic and Inflatable to join in those celebrations.

Moon Dome Space Igloos   Moon Dome Space Igloos    Space Igloos Fun For All Needs

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