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Australia Structures Review


Portable Structures Construction

Portable structure are nothing new in Australia, but the industry has changed dramatically in the last 2 decades.  Portable buildings were once a strong Australian manufacturing industry and the quality that was produced set the standards in the Pacific.  Sadly this great industry was to meet it's demise due the changes in the world.

In the 1980's it became apparent there was  an opportunity to manufacture cheaply in China, with factories who were willing to copy and reproduce building materials at a very good price and several construction magnates were quick to jump on the band wagon and made billions from the exceptional mark ups.  As the internet evolved, a few of the internet media magnates also saw the opportunity to set up a trading gateway between the east and west ... and this worked famously for many years, generating trillions of dollars for the developers. 

Eventually however, China began to understand the West better and could see the large margins their Western counterparts were commanding ...  and with the general trends of prosperity,  it wasn't long before they wanted this market for themselves.  


Splash now buys and sells directly from the Asian Factories whom have embraced Western standards.  This is still the most cost effective way to manufacture lightweight portable structures for Australia.    There are still a few monopolies trying to hang on to their market share, but unfortunately we must move with the times.



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