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Australia Structures Review

Sparky's Portable Welding Workshops

Electricians Portable Welding Workshops

SElectricians Portable Welding Workshopsparky's are always on the move from site to site, sometimes for a few days, other times for several months ... but how convenient would it be to be able to transport your own fire proof work shop to site, and then fold it away until next time ...

Splash Transformers will save you months of time in a year ... we have the side bender which goes up and down as an "all in one unit" just like a tent, but it's a solid steel structure that will keep you and your clients safe.  Visit Catalog here!    

Sizes:  2.4 ML x 2.3 ML\W,  5.8 ML x 2.6 MW,  9.0 ML x 2.6 MW and 11 ML x 2.6 MW


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