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Stalkers and Hackers

Stalkers and Hackers

So you found this page!  Awesome. 

There are wonderful things occurring in the efforts to track down corporate hackers and stalkers, there will soon be some test cases to set criminal precedence.

Thankfully, as has been proven with the recent billion dollar drug busts in Australia over the last few months, there are others watching too.  

One of our Mayors up this way was sacked as a result of hacking his CEO ... As delighted as I am that we are finally getting some precedent to criminalize hacking, this was I feel a too harsh penalty ...   he had to be enabled by a technical professional to do this.  It is the technical culture that has to change ... those who can hack must stop hacking - period.  Attacking those who cannot fight back is like shooting babies in their cribs.

Why should this bother the Organisation in Australia? 

Your company should be concerned because if your web developer SEO professional is criminally minded, because your environments are likely being used to assist them in their dishonest pursuits.  What's more,  when they are finally prosecuted, all of their servers will be removed from the web, that means your organization will go down with them.

I cannot impress upon all reading this article just how serious the issue is.  Fortune 500 Organizations are involved, big religious movements are huge offenders, banks and financial institutions are involved and every Microsoft Engineer has the tools to zip into your system at whim.

I cannot hack - I should be able to, seeing I worked in computers at a time we were introducing Database technology and WAN into Australia, but I believe if you lie down with dogs ...  I read that Rupert Murdoch is taking action in his organization via his sons ...  this is wonderful ...

Bad Trends:

DNS Hacking - this is where your website and domain server are infiltrated to produce back doors into your website and devices..

Website Scraping - this is done to gather in code from you site and submit mushed up content to the Search Engines to create fake pages.  This affects your ratings in the index.

Email Farming - this is where an email with code hidden in script and images calls up more code from the sender to build a Program on your hard drive.  Once in the world is their oyster, E.G. They can tweak your camera and video devices to watch as you type.  They can attach to your browser and feed you want they want you to see (Google and Bing already do this with our permission) and they can read your emails and download your images ... great if you want to steal designs and customers.

I had a guy work for me almost a decade ago, he was so terrifying I was afraid to fire him, so we put him out under contract.   This guy was a highly mentally unstable  "smart guy" who has been stalking ever since, even gathered himself a bunch of freaky fellows to follow him.  .. but not for much longer.  We've been onto him for a while.  

Professional hackers work mostly for a group of guys I call the "Insiders".  Insiders are executives who have jobs in high places, mining, construction, government departments and media organisations, and all share the same privileges to know what big jobs are coming up.  They covertly form or become shareholders of organisations that can profit from this knowledge, passing a nice piece of the pie off to themselves through a friend or family member.  Get this, it's not actually illegal to do this in Australia ... but for obvious reasons, it is highly unethical.

One group I deal with are very cashed up, so they can pay top dollar for their hackers, even partner with them, they also control the websites of some of Australia's biggest organisations .. ...  they hound us with bogus requests for quotes and invoices,  But as dishonest folk are usually thick as bricks, they are also easily traceable by their IP address, which is always in the vicinity of their organization ... be it the floated organization or their SEO Team.  

I've had three such false requests this quarter...  to the total value of $1,300,000 - it has taken me away from my launch of new products - by organizations that have IP Addresses similar to a Cirrus Frog In A Blender, well at least it will soon be if they don't lay off. 

But as I said earlier, I don't mind so much now, because we have had every conceivable internet security arm watching for almost 3 years ... and each time these very sad individuals lower themselves is another likelihood they will be caught in the act ....







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