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Australia Structures Review



Splash markets portable structures right across New South Wales including all areas of Wyalong.   

As an independent design and manufacturing organisation we prefer to work with independent installers and builders, helping you with your projects or asking you to assist us with ours. 

We feel that much harm has come to the Australian construction industry, due mainly to the cashed up conglomerates forming restrictive and highly competitive franchises and forcing control of what we can buy.   In our opinion these groups have profited greatly from the sales of their display packages but have not followed through on the marketing support to local contractors. The result has been conglomerates gaining contractors who are more like free employees, many whom have likely put their life savings up to create their disappointing businesses.  One has to ask how is it we have more billionaires in Australia than ever before, but many of our local contractors are on the dole.  These same organisations also drive our recessions ...

Australia is a small country business wise and we can only thrive if we can share the work and profits around.

Wyalong Fabric Structures

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